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Phone Cards Central International Phone Cards and Prepaid Calling Cards
Afghanistan Afghanistan 16.9¢
Argentina Argentina 5.4¢
Australia Australia 2.9¢
Brazil Brazil 1.4¢
Bulgaria Bulgaria 10.4¢
Canada Canada 0.4¢
Chile Chile 2.9¢
China China 0.4¢
Colombia Colombia 2.4¢
France France 1.9¢
Germany Germany 0.4¢
Iran Iran 12.4¢
Iraq Iraq 13.4¢
Israel Israel 0.9¢
Italy Italy 2.4¢
Japan Japan 2.9¢
Korea South Korea South 0.9¢
Mexico Mexico 1.4¢
Pakistan Pakistan 5.9¢
Peru Peru 3.4¢
Poland Poland 0.4¢
Romania Romania 0.9¢
Russia Russia 4.4¢
South Africa South Africa 10.9¢
Spain Spain 0.4¢
Thailand Thailand 2.9¢
USA USA 0.4¢
Ukraine Ukraine 12.4¢
United Kingdom United Kingdom 0.9¢
Venezuela Venezuela 5.9¢

Here's how to DOUBLE THE MINUTES on your phone card:

Use Local Access Numbers for international calls and you're in for even greater rates! You can save up to 120% by using Local Access Numbers. Phone Cards Central's international phone cards can be used with local access numbers nationwide. Start using Local Access Numbers and double the minutes on your phone card!

Advantages of using
Phone Cards Central:

Continuous 10% Automatic Refill Bonus

Earn a minimum $3 on EACH Automatic Refill order of at least $30. Switch to Automatic Refill now and never run out of credit!

Periodic Discounts

Subscribe to our newsletter, use the promo code received by email during the checkout process and enjoy our products for an even a lower price.

Low Rates AND Great Quality

Use our calling cards and phone cards to call anywhere in the world at extremely low rates, without compromises on international and domestic calls quality.

PIN-less Dialing

Start making cheap international calls without dialing your calling cards PIN. You can register multiple phone numbers with your available Phone Cards Central PINs.

Secure Online Shopping

All online transactions are guaranteed by a valid SSL certificate.

24/7 Customer Service

We want to make SURE everything works perfect; this is why we have our Customer Support Team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us anytime you have a question about our prepaid phone cards!

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