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Phone Cards Myths

As phone cards are becoming more and more popular, some myths seem to have been spread amongst people. This usually happens not because of bad intentions, but misinformed people. To make this as clear as possible to you, here are some of the most popularly spread myths about phone cards - and why they are not true:

Myth no. 1: "You need to change your phone provider to use phone cards"

FALSE. Phone cards are a dial-around way for you to make cheaper calls - especially to international destinations. Basically, you have an account (which you can charge and refill whenever you want to); after this, you get a PIN number (it's a security code), and one or several access numbers. To place your calls, you can use any telephone. You will need to dial the access number, then enter your PIN and dial the number you want to call. The phone call will be charged to your phone card account - regardless of your provider. You do not need to change your provider, nor announce them that you will be using a phone card.

Myth no. 2: "You cannot use your phone card to call from a mobile"

FALSE. Phone cards can be used to make calls from any phone: this includes landlines, payphones in the street, and mobile phones, too. The procedure is the same as explained above: dial the access number, enter the PIN code and then dial the destination number. All calls are charged to your phone card account.

Myth no. 3: "Using a phone card is so complicated! So many numbers to remember, and codes to dial!"

FALSE. As more and more people are using phone cards, companies are starting to also focus on the usability. It is due to this that Phone Cards Central offers the PINless dialing option, which allows you to register up to 6 phone numbers, from where to dial without entering your PIN. As for access numbers, you can save an entry in your phone that contains the access number, and hence dont need to remember it.

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