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Advantages of Using Phone Cards

As phone cards become more and more popular and technology improves, there are more and more advantages to the end-user. However, the main 3 advantages of using phone cards are as follows:

  • Saving money on your local and long distance calls - phone cards offer lower rates (especially for international calls) than your current landline/mobile provider. Phone cards providers are able to give you such low rates, because: a) your call gets routed to take the least expensive way to the destination and b) the providers buy huge amounts of minutes from carriers, which means they get big discounts, and hence you get a lower rate.
  • Mobility - once you have a phone card, you can use it to make calls from any phone: the one in your office or home, your mobile, your colleagues' mobile phones, even a payphone - and the calls will always be billed on your account. Forget about changing SIM, placing it in a friends phone if you run out of battery; just get a phone card and you will be sure to always make your calls - from any phone, to any phone in the world!
  • Never run out of credit - you can activate the auto-refill option (no extra fee is charged) and when your balance with Phone Cards Central reaches a certain value (picked by you), your phone card is refilled with the amount you specify. This will ensure that you never finish your credit unexpectedly; your calls will never end in the middle of the conversation.

To make them even easier to use, Phone Cards Central also features pinless dialing on all cards: you can register up to 6 numbers; when you make a call from one of those numbers, you will no longer need to enter your PIN code: just the access number and the number you want to call.

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