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Call Home College Phone Card

Call Home College

 Call Home College Phone Card
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This calling card is specially designed for students. When you're away for studies, it's very important that you keep in touch with friends and family. The Call Home College calling card is perfect for you, as it gives the 1 minute rounding and affordable rates to a long list of destinations, including: Canada, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, and many more.

Phone Card Details
Rounding: 1 min
Weekly Fee: 25.0¢
Connection Fee: May Apply
Fees and Surcharges: retail.product.PHONE-CARDS-CENTRAL-CALL-HOME-COLLEGE.feesAndSurcharges
Toll free surcharge: 1¢ per minute (additional)
Domestic Rate: 1.2 ¢/min
Payphone Surcharge: Up to 99¢ (per call)
Refill Option: true
*May apply on some calls. Please call Customer Service at 1-888-634-3187 for details
In order to call any international destination using your phone card, follow the steps below:

1. Dial the access number and wait for the prompt
2. Enter the PIN number and wait for the prompt
3. Dial the destination number in international format (including the international country code)
Please make sure you DO NOT PRESS CALL or SEND BUTTON on your phone after you enter the destination number. This is to avoid being charged by your cellular provider for the international call.
View international dialing codes
Local Access Numbers

Click here to find a local access number for your area. You may also use one of the following numbers:

Country Number Pinless dialing
USA 2132268892 No
USA 2132268891 Yes

Toll Free Numbers
Country Number Pinless dialing
USA 1-877-742-2731 No
USA 1-888-634-3192 Yes
Canada 1-877-777-2113 Yes
Canada 1-877-777-4997 No
US-Hawaii 1-888-634-3195 No
For information regarding calling card usage please check the FAQ page. If you need help with your Phone Cards Central products, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department using the phone numbers or email address listed below:

from US Continental: 1-888-634-3187
from Canada: 1-888-777-3661
from Hawaii and Alaska: 1-213-785-1238

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