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Learn About VoIP Technology

What is VOIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is the name for a family of technologies used to deliver voice packages over the internet (instead of a normal telephone line). To the end-user, this means being able to make phone calls from their computer to another PC or a phone (landline or mobile) - with the aid of a headset and a microphone.

VOIP History

The VoIP technology has been used from as early as 1973, but it is only in recent years (2000+) that it has been so popular. What first started as a technology used to initiate phone calls from your PC is now advancing to the level where you can make calls from your very own phone - using a phone card.

Why using VOIP?

Phone Cards Central is using the VoIP technology to offer you the opportunity to use phone cards from every phone (landline, mobile or payphone); you will only need to dial an access number and a security code (PIN) in front of the number you want to call. When you use your calling card to make calls, your call gets routed to give you the lowest possible rate, to any location in the world, without requiring that you change your telephone provider.

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